Work Permit

Wings9 Management Consultants - Your Partner in Helping You Get a Work Permit

Investing quality time in another nation might seem like an extraordinary thought. But it takes abundant resources to have the option to fund it. Consequently, numerous individuals pick to join their time abroad by working. It helps them to be able to pay for the opportunity to experience the culture.

If you’re a tourist in some country and feel like working there, you should get a Work Permit. Guess what? Wings9 Management Consultants helps you in getting a Work Permit hassle-free. Remember, without a Work Permit; it is illegal to work in a foreign country.

What is a Work Permit?

Even though there are several exceptions, you might need a Work Permit to secure employment opportunities abroad. It should be worth mentioning that even if you have a tourist visa, you might need it. Never hide from authorities and work illegally. That’s because you might get yourself into some kind of legal trouble. Worst, you could get a travel ban to that country.

Having said that there’s some country that allows limited work hours without a Work Permit. The perfect example for this would be people with student visas who work off-campus for predefined hours. Did we mention that it is allowed when you are in the country for some good amount of time?

Eligibility requirements to obtain a Work Permit

  • You should return to your home nation when the work permit expires
  • Prove that you’ve enough funds to finance yourself and your family in the foreign country
  • You should obey the laws of the country and shouldn’t be having any criminal records
  • Submission of a medical certificate to prove you’re fit to work
  • You should be able to submit any sort of documents asked by the immigration officer.

Documents required to obtain a Work Permit

You might want to submit the following documents to comply with the immigration and labor laws. Check out the list below:

  • Application for Work Permit made outside the country you’re applying
  • Family information form
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Processing fee in the acceptable format.
  • Valid passport
  • Documents supporting your job offer or contract from your employer
  • All the proof that indicates you meet the requirements for the job including educational background, copies of various certificates, etc.
  • Proof of financial support to cover up your expenses

Benefits of having a Work Permit

Having a Work Permit of a certain country allows enjoying some benefits that we have listed below:

  • You can work in the country under the company/institution that you’ve declared in the Work Permit application
  • With Work Permit by your side, you can easily apply for the dependent visa
  • You can travel everywhere within the country
  • You can also apply for a PR visa in some years

Jobs you can have on a Work Permit

In normal circumstances, you can work for any employer with any type of job in the country if you have a Work Permit. Remember, there aren’t any restrictions as long as you’re doing everything legally and have a valid Employment Authorization Document.

Why Choose Wings9 Management Consultants as Your Partner

As one of the best immigration companies in UAE, we help you get a Work Permit to be able to work in the country of your choice.

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