About Us

About Wings9 Management Consultants

Wings9 Management Consultants is one of the top management consultancies in the UAE and nearby region. We are among some of the top immigration service providers and student visa service agencies. Because Wings9 Management Consultants is not limited to certain services, it has a reputation of being one of the best manpower recruitment services agencies based in the UAE. We started our journey with the motive to add value to the life of people. Our mindset towards helping the community to achieve a quality life has led us to offer world-class immigration and recruitment services.  

Our team of certified consultants offers every bit of support for countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and the UAE. We are a registered company with some of the best, experienced and licensed teams of consultants and staff. Every consultant in Wings9 Management Consultants is experienced enough to handles all the queries from people looking for immigration services, manpower outsourcing services, legal advisors, and business management services. Our services cover the processing of various visas like Business Visa, Permanent Residency, Investor Visa, Employer-sponsored Visa, Family Visa, and Skilled Visas.

Why Choose Wings9 Management Consultants?

Wings9 Management Consultants is one of the best of its kind. With the best talent house, Wings9 Management Consultants successfully processes all the needs of the clients. While working with you, we prioritize your ethics and values and ensure transparency throughout the process for every operation. Some top names from the kaw market are associated with us to help you with any sort of legal advice in the country we offer support for.

Reasons to choose registered/licensed management consultancy like Wings9

A registered management consultancy like Wings9 Management Consultants is bound by a code of conduct and ethical rules; it certainly brings out our best. With Wings9 Management Consultants you remain in a win-win situation.

  1. Greater chances of visa approval
  2. You can seek professional advice on everything related to migration and abroad employment
  3. Reduces errors and delays to conducting application scrutiny

Our Vision

Our vision is to revamp the overseas manpower and immigration industry and bring in some change to the process by making it transparent, genuine, and most importantly ethical in every way. Wings9 Management Consultants leaves no stones unturned to get recognized as the most trusted management consultancy in the UAE. Be it immigration services or manpower recruitment, we believe and keep customer satisfaction our utmost priority. Our customer-centric ideology and qualified team will take us forwards to the path of success soon. 

Our Mission

We aspire to be one of the trusted management consultancies that can add value to the life of people living in this society. To ensure this, we are lashed with some top and experienced consultants from the field of immigration, manpower recruitment, and law faculty. We aim to empower people by responding quickly to the ongoing change in the overall market dynamics. Our ability to provide the right services helps you in becoming a competitive individual.