Visitor Visa

Wings9 Management Consultants helps you get a Visitor Visa to travel your dream destination

Millions of visitors and tourists fly to various countries every year with their friends and family to experience something new. If you’re among them, Wings9 Management Consultants is here to help you with a Visitor Visa. The visitor visa is granted for six months (either single or multiple entries). While you’re free to travel across but you can’t work on a visit visa.

Visitor Visa - What is it?

In simple terms, a visitor visa gives you the ability to stay in a country for a period of 6 months.

  • A visitor visa is meant for leisure or tourism purposes.
  • You can’t apply for work when you are traveling to a country on a visitor visa.
  • Your dependents and children can travel alongside you.
  • After 27 days, you are likely to get the visitor visa after the submission.

Documents required to obtain Visitor Visa

The  Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • The first and foremost thing you need is a valid passport with an expiry date of six months or more.
  • Supporting documents to prove that you have enough ties to your home country.
  • Financial statements that could prove that you’ve enough funds to support your stay in the foreign land.
  • A letter from your family members inviting you to live abroad
  • Medical clearance certificate, in case you undergo any medical exam before your trip.

Eligibility criteria for getting a Visitor Visa

There’re certain eligibility criteria that you’d require to obtain a visitor visa. For your information, we have mentioned all of them here.

  • You should prove that you possess enough funds to finance yourself and your dependents for the entire period of travel.
  • You shouldn’t seek or intend to undertake a job in the traveling nation
  • You shouldn’t have any criminal background and intend to comply with all the laws of the traveling country.
  • If you’re willing to stay with your relatives or friends, you should also provide an invitation letter from your sponsors.
  • If you’re from a specific country, you might have a temporary resident visa.

How Wings9 Management Consultants can help you?

Wings9 Management Consultants has all the experienced consultants to help you get your Visitor Visa.   Our team helps you with the following:

  • We identify the best strategy to get your visitor visa
  • Advising you on presenting your case effectively
  • With the best consultants, we help our clients with the best possible financial advice
  • We offer to advise on presented documents
  • Form filling
  • Documentation review