Citizenship by Investment

Settle Abroad by Obtaining Citizenship by Investment with Wings9 Management Consultants

Citizenship by investment is offered to an individual willing to invest in a country other than their home country. It is offered under immigrant investor programs in different countries that invite people from different countries to contribute to their economy. In wide spectrum, these programs offer either citizenship by investment or some other thing like residence by investment. This might also include a hybrid with immediate residence followed by citizenship.

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Benefits associated with Citizenship by Investment

The permanent residency programs for investors and entrepreneurs are specially designed to offer several benefits. Below, we have mentioned some of the benefits. Have a look!

  • Individual/business person with citizenship by investment can have access to high standard living.
  • Healthcare and educational facilities of the visa offering country
  • You can even settle with your dependents
  • Easily available international opportunities
  • Investment policies are generally favorable for the person who wills to invest in a country.
  • It is easy to get citizenship with the help of an Investor Visa
  • Several travel benefits offered by Investor Visa allow conducting your business globally.

Requirements to get Citizenship by Investment

The eligibility criteria set by most of the countries are almost the same, with some minor changes. Broadly, the Visa consulate considers several things listed below:

  • Availability of funds to invest in a country you’re applying for a visa.
  • Previous business profile
  • Evaluation of health and conduct
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Business credentials and banking history

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FAQs related to Citizenship by Investment

1. How the government approves an application?

Governments approve your application by coordinating with independent third-party Due Diligence Agencies. These agencies help the government in verifying the background of every applicant who applies for it.

2. What if I get rejected?

Rejection varies on the program criteria and standards. To prevent rejection of the application, we set up a pre-screening check at no cost to see if there’s any threat to your application.

3. Do I need to visit or reside in the country?

First of all, citizenship by investment programs does not require you to reside in the country to obtain citizenship. However, some programs might need a physical short visit.