Green Card Visa

Wings9 Management Consultants helps you get a Green Card without any hassle

Wings9 Management Consultants is one of the best and affordable immigration consultant partners around the UAE region. Our immigration counselors work accordingly with you to help you in getting the Green Card visa in a short time. i. Our migration specialists won’t just help you with the USA immigration visas but also they’ll make every arrangement during the whole immigration process (from beginning to the very end). We urge people to utilize our free assessment service to know whether or not you’re qualified to get a Green Card Visa

There are loads of choices for USA immigration; with Wings9 Management Consultants as your immigration consultant partner, you can apply for the Green Card conspire and get a permanent home status. During the visa process, you might come across various problems which can be solved by Wings9 Management Consultants specialists. We show you numerous channels for getting a Green Card for both the candidates living in and outside the USA. Aside from the Green Card, immigration alternatives for the US include different US visas for family, work, study, and business purposes.

Who can obtain a Green Card Visa

USA permits its permanent residents and citizens to apply for permanent residency in the United States. Barely some candidates who are now living in the US might secure permanent residency visas. It allows them to get a US Green Card without going back home. The various choices available to get a Green Card under family include:

  • An immediate relative (spouses, parents, or unmarried children) of people residing in the United States.
  • A family member of the United States citizen under the Preferred Category
  • including married or unmarried daughters or sons (who are over the age of 21 years).
  • Spouses or battered children of US citizens as well as widowers/widows

Special jobs that help you obtain a Green Card

Remember, in some special jobs people are allowed to get a Green Card in the United States. These jobs include:

  • Panama Canal Employees
  • Religious Workers
  • Afghan/Iraqi translators

Also, if you’re a NATO-6 non-immigrants, or a refugee/asylum seeker; you can apply for a US green card.

Our Green Card Visa Support Includes

  • We prepare a checklist of supporting documents to secure a Green Card Visa
  • Assistance with collecting documents related to Green Card Visa
  • Preparation of Green Card Visa interview
  • Follow-up and updates with the Consulate related to your case

Why Choose Wings9 Management Consultants as Your Green Card Visa Consultant

Wings9 Management Consultants is a UAE-based leading visa consultant that offers recruitment, immigration, visa, and legal assistant services. Our top-notch consultant team helps you secure the Green Card Visa without any hassle. We have listed a few reasons why you should choose us:

  • We have the best visa consultants
  • Documentation review
  • Affordable & cost-effective pricing
  • 24/7 visa support services
  • Extensive knowledge & experience
  • Custom visa service
  • Trusted by many clients