Family Visa

Wings9 Management Consultants brings your home closer through the Family Visa support service

There might be numerous reasons why you want to visit a country abroad. You might want to work abroad or just want to enjoy your holiday. However, there’s one another reason people travel abroad: to see their family. To do so, you’ll require a Family Visa. We are glad to inform you that we are among some top visa consultant companies that offer support for people looking for Family Visas. Without a Family Visa, you might not be able to visit your loved one (if you don’t have any other visa for the concerned country).

What is a Family Visa

Family-based visas (FB) are an immigration visa category where a U.S. resident or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) petitions for a relative for their movement to a certain country. The visa process might change subject to the type of relationship of the member of the family. The time duration is also decided on the condition where the appealing relative is a Lawful Permanent Resident in the related country.

A Family Visa is normally an impermanent approval that permits you to enter the country for a fixed timeframe. An ordinary Family Visa doesn’t regularly give lasting residency status but if you have direct relations abroad, like a spouse or kids, you might be qualified to apply for that as well.

In any case, if you don’t have to apply for PR, a few sorts of Family Visas can last long – many years if you’d ask us – and permit you to leave and return to the country on various occasions.

Family Visa Application Process

To get a Family Visa, you’d need to go through all these processes.

  • Fill the Family Visa application form properly
  • Pay the application fee for the Family Visa form
  • Get an interview appointment
  • Attend the interview for the Family Visa
  • Wait for the decision on your Family Visa application

Failing in any of the processes might ruin your chances of obtaining a Family Visa. We are Wings9 Management Consultants and we care for you. We have some of the best visa consultants who will help in your journey to a certain country.

Our Family Visa Support Includes

  • Preparing a checklist of supporting documents
  • Full Family Visa support
  • Assistance with collecting and supporting documentation related to Family Visa
  • Preparation of Family Visa interview
  • Follow-up and updates  with the Consulate related to your case

Why Choose Wings9 as Your Family Visa Consultant

Wings9 Management Consultants is a UAE-based leading management consultancy that offers overseas recruitment, immigration, visa, and legal assistant services. We are well equipped with a quality consultant team who help you obtain your Family Visa. Here’s why you should choose us:

  • Extensive knowledge & experience
  • Best visa consultants on-board
  • We help you duly fill the form
  • Documentation review
  • Affordable & cost-effective pricing
  • Custom visa service
  • Trusted by many clients
  • 24/7 visa support services