Business Visa

Business Visa

At present, USA immigration law lets individuals with skills and talent stay in the United States on a temporary and permanent basis. Being one of the economically sound countries, USA allows people around the globe to visit the country without any hassle. Remember, if you’re planning to operate a business from USA, you have some serious chance of settling in the United States. You might not be aware but United States regularly invites investors, business houses, and entrepreneurs to immigrate to the country. Countries like Canada, Australia, UK, and UAE do the same, it is because the immigration of people involved in business brings in invest tithe country making it more powerful economically.

Benefits of Having a Business Visa

Immigration authorities of different countries issue a visa to the travelers who intend to operate business activities and meetings in a specific country. Remember, Business Visa has several benefits that we have mentioned below, have a look!

  • It allows temporary stay to the country you’re applying to
  • Eases the operation of business and financial activities 
  • You can set up a temporary office for your business
  • Hassle-free travel to a specific country
  • If you’ve Business Visa, you can attend business events as well as conferences

Documents Required to Obtain a Business Visa

  • Stamped Business Visa application form 
  • Fee payment receipt of Visa application
  • Appointment letter for visa interview
  • Passport valid for overseas travel minimum 6 months of validity 
  • All your expired passports

In case your Business Visa is sponsored by your company/employer, a letter from the employer that requests Business Visa for you should be addressed to the Embassy/Consulate. It should clearly mention the duration and intention of stay in the foreign nation. 

If you’re a business owner, you should produce documents that could show your ability to financially support yourself on the business tour abroad. 

Business Visa Application Process

  • Duly fill the Business Visa application form
  • Pay the fee of Business Visa application
  • Obtain an interview appointment for the Business Visa
  • Attend the interview for the Business Visa
  • Await decision on your Business Visa application

Our Business Visa Support Includes:

  • Preparing a checklist of documents
  • Full Business Visa support
  • Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
  • Preparation of Business Visa interview
  • Follow-up and updates with the Consulate

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